Description of Student Representative

The purpose of these new positions is to improve communication between the Campus Advent/ACF chapters and to help new and current chapters. Student Representatives are responsible for keeping the current website and our GIN system up to date, helping with the details of the Oct 24-25 leadership conference in Silver Springs, FL, informing Pastor Crofton and/or Pastor Torres events happening on the campuses and their needs, and keeping the campuses informed about events happening in the Florida and General conference. You are not limited to any of the aforementioned duties and you will also be responsible for helping to plan future mission trips with Pastor Crofton or Pastor Torres and, in the future, taking part in the planning for General Conference Collegiate Ministries Convention (God willing).

There might be some travel involved and you probably will be reimbursed for any campus visits that you make that require you to drive or use some other form of transportation out of town. Your paycheck would be something you would discuss with Pastor Crofton.

Although most of your work will be done in the summer planning sessions, this is potentially a year long commitment and it can take a good amount of your time. But this is also a very fulfilling and enriching experience that is a necessity for the growth of Florida Conference ACF/Campus Advent Ministries and General Conference Collegiate Ministries. Hopefully in the very near future there will be many student representatives from other states that you will be working with and you, or future FLC student reps, will be planning and presenting future conferences and mission trips together.
 *Deadline: Oct. 17th*
Send me your email and I'll send you the application!

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